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SKU: G200496

SMA America offers a wide selection of reliable and efficient inverters.

For residential grid-tied solar power systems, we carry models ranging from 3000 to 7000 watts. All of these inverters have a LCD monitoring system mounted on the front of the inverter. Real time power production, operating voltage and cumulative production are displayed.

The US Series inverters automatically sense the site utility voltage and can be configured with internal jumper settings to work with a 208, 240, or 277 VAC. The inverters incorporate a cast aluminum housing to separate the control and power electronics. The power electronics compartment integrates SMA's new OptiCool TM airflow technology where cool air is drawn in through the bottom of the enclosure by convection, drawn around the power electronics where the air absorbs heat and is the released through a side vent. When required, this process is assisted by a temperature controlled fan. The US Series include an integrated fused series string combiner and a load break rated DC disconnect. These US model number inverters also come with a 10 year warranty.

Price: $3,119.00
Weight: 148 lb.
Dimensions: 19.4in. × 24in. × 10in.
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